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How Minahasa House begins

Every good prefabricated wooden house for living starts with a concept of construction. You have chosen a good construction method and have the highest standard of living and comfort in life.

The Minahasahouse.com is the ideal choice for you even though there are so many choices out there. Our builders are expert carpenters who can offer the quality of a dream house that turns your dream of life into reality. 

How to proceed​ with the prefabricated wooden house

The Quality of Wood

With the quality raw materials, we saw and process from logs to become semi-finished goods, then produced into various finished goods.

Only legal wood is used for all our products. The wood will be produced by hand made to get the precision results of high-quality, besides we dry it with a thickness of less than 6 cm until it reaches the standard of kiln-dry so that the wood will have a good moisture content which makes it more stable.


We look forward to helping you decide on the right design for your needs. We will work according to the design of the approved house through mapping construction using a 3D CAD system.


Reports on the desk

Send you periodic progress reports for your project via email. Photos / Videos Cameras and images will help you stay in touch with what is happening to your project in our factory, so you will always be updated.

Assemble Parts of The House

The parts of the prefabricated wooden house section are ready to be installed. While checking parts whether there are imperfections in the production process. The carpenter will check each installation part carefully

Do you need developer for your project?

Sustainable Production of The Minahasa House

Teak flooring

Cocopalm mosaic Cladding

The technology of processing cocomosaic cladding which is the easiest to use with the help of a tool that is quite simple, carefulness and thoroughness in the details made greatly affects the quality of the products produced which will increase the selling value of these products. Good quality, attractive design is the key to the success of cocomosaic cladding’s hand-made. 

Minahasa Prefabricated

Minahasa House provides a full range of prefabricated Indonesian wooden houses and wooden cottages for leisure and domestic stay, restaurants, hotel accommodations, service- and security buildings. We supply a worldwide distribution of wooden houses and wooden cottages based on our standardized designs and on customers demand. Designed and build according to the highest global export quality standards and regulations. Fully prefabricated as all finished elements and constructed from ecologically approved tropical hardwood for long term durability and minimized maintenance.

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