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Wood production

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The Timber manufacturing process generally follows these steps:

Drying timber

Our Kiln-dry uses a steam heating system, which is obtained from a boiler, flowed into a heating pipe, and then heat is transferred to the circulating air. The remaining wood waste is used as fuel to produce steam in the boiler

alignment of the wood surface

After the wood is dried, it enters the next production stage, which is processing wood in a special milling machine where geometric alignment occurs after the drying process has been completed. In the drying process, curves, wood curvature, and reduction in geometric dimensions may occur – this natural process occurs during the drying process. Alignment of wood surfaces must be carried out before entering the next stage


At this stage, the cutting machine is straight to straighten the geometry of the workpiece throughout the entire length and field of the workpiece, after which the final step is to provide the profile bar in the form of a connection.
Tenon & Mortise Joint is a wood connecting technique that we often use in building construction products. This connection is very strong, apart from being intertwined with each other.


At the factory site, the initial assembly of the wooden house kit made. Each wooden kit installed and dimensions are checked, where it is all parallel and symmetrical. The quality and strength of wood joints are also examined. After the wooden house has passed the quality inspection, it is sent to the packaging stage.

Packing in the container

When components of wooden houses loaded into containers. Some buyers want to get more space in the container without using a pallet.

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