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Hardwood Flooring with love

Do you need hardwood flooring ?

The allure of Wooden Flooring

The original hardwood flooring is from our region in Indonesia. The quality of each flooring becomes more durable and strong. Natural properties bring coolness, refreshes, and warmth. Our hardwood flooring gives an artistic impression and a more luxurious appearance than granite or ceramic floors. The kinds of wooden floors are selected according to your desire.

Nature comes your Home

Solid hardwood flooring offers warmth, beauty, and luxury that never goes out of style.

Know Acclimate about Wood Flooring

Before buying wooden flooring, you may consider the weather where you live and which hardwood material is the best for your home floor. Choosing a suitable wood for flooring requires a little more than choosing colors. 
Installing the wrong material and you will be in an unexpected problem.

Hardwood Flooring Production



Merbau wood is one of the hardwoods produced from the island of Papua (Irian Jaya) Indonesia. Merbau is included in the category of high quality. The character of the wood is hard and durable, it is also not eaten by termites, the appearance of exotic colors: reddish-brown. Merbau wood often produced for flooring. It is the most popular hardwood Floor material in the International market place because it has an elegant style and appearance, especially for 9 cm width after being installed, it will look luxurious and beautiful. The Production Standard for floor types is 9 cm wide recommended, and it is adjusted by the user’s request.

Maybe most of you have never tried to use coconut floor or doubt?

Coconut Flooring

Are you familiar with coconut wood?
Coconut trees are often found in the coast, Coconut wood is also category hardwood which has a hardness level of class II and III. When viewed from the hardness class, it is not inferior to other hardwood. The level of durability and hardness make it widely produced as a pillar of house construction. The characteristics of the wood are dark brown, some of them are red, have straight grain. Kind of wood grain is only owned by coconut wood. Besides its appearance, coconut wood is also classified as EcoLabelling wood.



The type of wood is very popular for home design in which almost every world community recognizes this wood because it has very good quality in hardness, appearance, resistance to termite attacks. This wood is categorized as class I. This wood is widely used for the manufacture of floors, doors, windows, and stairs as an industrial interior and exterior of a house.

Nyatoh and Malas


Malas / Gia  has all of the characteristics and advantages of wood. This malas wood floor has very good strength. Both of these woods are suitable for processing into wood floors.

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