merbau wood

Indonesian Merbau

The height of the tree can reach 40 m with a branch-free length of 15-30 m, a diameter of up to 200 cm, a banquet height of up to 4 m in width to 4 m in width to 4 m. outer skin is gray, brown brown, light brown or pink, shallow grooved on lumber. the seedlings and non-grooves on the merbau, peel slightly to much, large and thick, slightly gummy black or dark red.

Merbau is a beautiful timber suitable for many purposes. It is a heavy hardwood and is usually used in premium joineries such as windows, solid panel doors, framing and weatherboarding. Merbau is also used for premium flooring and is suitable for light and heavy traffic. 

For the record, Merbau tree wood is plenty to find in Maluku, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. The Merbau tree itself is still very large, so it is not endangered. However, if it is carried out on a large scale it might be difficult to find it so that it is sold at a high price.

Color / Appearance: Has a blackish brown color when cut down, then the older one becomes reddish brown. Colors between boards can vary greatly.

Long-lasting and strong level: merbau wood is a type of tropical wood known for its good durability. This wood is classified as a type of wood that is resistant to attack by wood rot and termites or wood-destroying pests. Whereas in the classification of durable class levels and strong levels of wood, merbau wood is a type of wood with a durable grade I-II and a strong class I-(III).

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