Woodworking Products

Timber processing determines the quality of the wooden house. After harvesting, the logs must cut before they are a finished product.
There are several things in the woodworking process, namely as follows:
1. Sawmills: Logs must split and cut so that the shape and size are as expected.
2. Dry Kiln: Wet wood can warp, crack, and even break, so it must dry first by using oven treatment so that the moisture content can reach around 8 – 16%.
3. Assembling: is a crucial process because it will affect the shape and strength of the finished product. This process requires particular expertise because if there is a wrong connection in the assembly process, the products will come off or be damaged easily
4. Finishing: The final production process will affect the aesthetic value of the wood because the finishing process will change the appearance and color.

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