Timber Production

Wood processing determines the quality of wooden houses.
After harvesting, wooden logs must be processed before it can be used as a finished product.
There are several things in wood processing, are as follows:
1. Sawing wood: The logs must be split and cut first so that the shape and size are as desired, which is rough processing.
2. Dry Kiln: Wet wood can be curved, cracked even broken, so it must be dried first using oven treatment in order the water content can reach around 8 – 16%.
3. Assembling: is a crucial process because it will affect the shape and strength of the finished product. The process requires special expertise because if the assembly process has the wrong connection the product will be easily removed or damaged.
4. Finishing: The final process of production will affect the aesthetic value of wood, this is because the finishing process will change the appearance and color.