The Quality of Husked Coconut

Indonesia, especially North Sulawesi, has abundant natural resources. One of them is a coconut tree. Almost all coconuts can be used for the needs of human life, such as stems, fruit, water, leaves, fiber,husked coconut. They are processed into timber, flour, virgin oil, charcoal, copra, etc.

Currently, we can supply husked coconut. Our production has gone through a fairly strict process. After peeling it, we will separate the non-quality of husked coconut. Meanwhile, the quality ones are cleaned and ready for export.

The product of  husked coconut’s specifications are as follows:
1. Product: Husked Coconut.
2. Weight: 900gr – 1.4 Kg
3. Production Origin: North Sulawesi
4. Color: Brown/Light
5. Packing: Plastic or Gunny Bags 25-35 pcs or as requested

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