Nyatoh wood

Durability – Moderate
Strength – Strong
Density – 600-800 kilograms per cubic meter

The nyatoh tree (Palaquium obtusifolium Burck.) has a high character with a diameter that can reach 120 cm. The tree trunk is straight, rounded piston with thin, wide buttresses. This tree wood looks reddish brown, has beautiful veins, and is light.

nyatoh flooring

Often this wood is used as raw material for making frames and windows. In many cases, it is often used for furniture or furniture in general. Plywood manufacture, flooring. Even this wood is often used as building material. The function of wood is in any way inseparable from the beauty of its fiber pattern. 

The surface color of nyatoh wood is almost the same as the color of teak wood. The porch is pink, some are brownish red. While the part of the pig looks lighter than the terrace.

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