Cocopalm-mosaic Cladding

CocoPalm Mosaic

Cladding coconut is made by hand by cutting coconut shell into small sized boxes, and then binding it to a larger size. Various colors and final effects are available. a variety of different appearances are obtained using the inside or outside of the shell, and with polishing and paint effects. The Cocomosaic tiles form a stylish cladding, rich in textures, warm and exotic but elegant. And everything is natural and environmentally friendly.

Source of Cocopalm

North Sulawesi has abundant natural sources of coconut. besides coconut wood which is used for timber industry, it turns out that coconut shell can also be used as a cladding in building design.

For Your Cladding Design !

CocoPalm-Mosaic has an attractive texture and a warm, natural yet sophisticated look, making it ideal for accentuating the wall features. Although this product is generally used for wallcoverings, Cocopalm-mosaic also has applications in ceilings, furniture, and even floors.

Exotic and Charming

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