We offer transparency to the customer for optimizing the various stages of project-realization and minimize the risk of wasting time

1. After the booking fee is received, do the mapping of construction with a 3D CAD system, whether prepared from our side or the customer’s.

2. The process and focus on the concept and study of construction plans through sighting adjustment in auto-cad 3D to get maximum results so that the results of the appearance of the construction plans comply with the expectations of the customers.

3. The purchase of the raw material wood, sorting, cutting raw material, and then kiln drying. The construction and assembling of the structure applied in the factory. In the general process, the steps of construction are as follows;
Site preparation
Column & Bottom Beam assembling
Post Beam assembling
Top Beam assembling
Roof assembling

4. Make production schedule reports, financial statement reporting, report production, and report volume installment

5. We pack the products and then prepare and arrange the export documents as a condition of administrative completeness of customs

6. The customer received the products at the site and re-construction under the supervision of Minahasa House

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